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맞춤형 레슨

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맞춤형 레슨

Golf Instruction / 영어 골프 레슨 안내

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Whether you're a brand new golfer or an experienced one, our instructors are ready and waiting to help you with your golf game.
Our practice facility includes a 110+ yard range, a target green, yardage markers, artificial putting greens and a sand bunker
so that you can work with your instructor on just about any aspect of your game.

Our team of friendly, knowledgeable KPGA & KLPGA instructors are among the most educated and experienced you'll find anywhere.

We offer the following types of lessons in Korean / English, so find one that suits your needs and sign-up!
• Private
• Semi-Private or Make Your Own Group
• Video Lessons (private)
• One-point Clinics
• Juniors
• On-Course Playing Lessons (some instructors)


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